Sunday, September 27, 2009

My worst Job

I've thought about this topic for several days. I've enjoyed aspects of 99% the jobs that I have held, both paid and volunteer. Some aspects more than others.

The one job that I liked the least was not actually a job, but a required college course........
dah dah dahhhhh..........Student Teaching.

I had taken and passed all the general college courses, and all but one of the skill and educational theory classes required for my chosen major of Home Economics. I loved the classes dealing with Foods, Nutrition, Clothing Selection & Construction, and Child Development. I understood the information in the Management classes but had a hard time applying in real life.

The 6th discipline of the Home Economics curriculum was Student Teaching.

To fulfill this requirement, I was assigned to teach Sewing to the 7th and 8th grade girls at the local Middle School.

I found out the very first day that "knowing how to sew" was just a minor part of the job. After about a week, I discovered that I didn't solidly possess 2 talents: "the ability to impart that knowledge" and "keeping the kids under control". These 2 talents are necessary to be a successful teacher.

I had one week in which the girls and I were all in sync: I taught them how to make button rings.

I dreaded the rest of the time I was the 'teacher' in the classroom.
I wanted to run away, ffaaarrrr away.

The very bestest day of the whole half a semester was the day after I had formally withdrew from Student Teaching, and I didn't have to go there any more!

As result of that experience, I have a great respect for teachers and the teaching profession.


This is my first entry in my new blog. What should I write about?

How about:
-how lovely the weather is today. It's the first bright, sunny day we've had here in a couple weeks.
-there are 5 more days of work until Fall Break starts (and we have 10 days off)
-Pumpkin Festival is next weekend. (DH and I like to go to the Car Show and see all the old cars.)
-I figured out what I need to do to finish GrandsonM's afghan. (I started crocheting on it about a year ago.)